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What NMO Lab internships are currently available?

To view the NMO Lab's available internships, please look under Available Internships.

Is an internship with the NMO Lab a paid internship?

Yes, undergraduate interns are paid by UCSC CITRIS through CruzPay.  The NMO Lab administrative assistant is the timekeeper and point of contact for any issues that arise during your internship.

Graduate student interns operate as GSRs.

Once I have submitted my resume and other required documents, how does the application process work?

To view how the process works, please look under How to Apply.

How long are resumes kept on file?

The NMO Lab administrative assistant keeps all submitted resumes on file until students' graduation date. 

If you are a current UCSC student and have a resume on file, the NMO Lab administrative assistant will notify you when an internship is available.

What if I am contacted by multiple Cisco managers for different available internships?

Please contact the NMO Lab director to assist you.

What is the status of graduate students who are NMO Lab interns?

All graduate student interns are Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs).

What is the employment process for undergraduate students who have not previously worked on campus?

The NMO Lab administrative assistant will contact you with an ER# and instructions on how to apply for this internship at the Career Center.  The Career Center will issue you a blue card once the hiring process is complete.  Please bring this blue card to the NMO Lab manager as soon as possible.  You cannot start your internship with the NMO Lab until the administrative assistant has a copy of your blue card.

How do undergraduate NMO Lab interns submit timesheets?

Once the hiring process is completed, interns will be contacted within two weeks with a login name and password for the CruzPay system.

Please contact the NMO Lab administrative assistant if your internship begins in the middle of a pay period.  He will assist you in filling out a paper timesheet.

Are NMO Lab interns able to work remotely?

Check with the Cisco manager or director sponsoring the project.

How can an NMO Lab internship contribute to my academics?

The NMO Lab provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to develop their academics by interacting with industry and management, and experiencing real world applications for the work they are doing while completing a paid internship.

It is our hope that the experiences gained in the NMO Lab with real world applications and industry collaborations may provide participating Grad Student Researchers with the framework for developing a Master's Thesis.

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