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NMO Courses

The NMO Lab recommends that students successfully complete any following courses before applying for an internship. Please note that these courses are not required, but are a plus when applying.

  • CMPE 150/L - Introduction to Computer Networks
    Description: Addresses issues arising in organizing communications among autonomous computers. Network models and conceptual layers; Internet-working; characteristics of transmission media; switching techniques (packet switching, circuit switching, cell switching); medium access control (MAC) protocols and local area networks; error-control strategies and link-level protocols; routing algorithms for bridges and routers; congestion control mechanisms; transport protocols; application of concepts to practical wireless and wireline networks and standard protocol architectures. Students who have completed course 80N can take this course for credit. Students are billed for a materials fee. The lab illustrates the concepts covered in course 150 and provides students with hands-on experience in computer networks. Prerequisite(s): courses Computer Engineering 16 and either courses Computer Engineering 12/L or Computer Science 12B and Computer Science 12M.
  • CMPE 151: Network Administration
    Description: Projects include installing and configuring (client and server) machines, configuring network routing, setting up firewalls and network appliances, and setting up and using wireless networks. Includes lectures, projects presented, and discussions. Requires formal written reports, oral presentations, and demonstrations of projects. Students are billed a materials fee. Prerequisite(s): course Computer Engineering 150.
  • TIM 58: Systems Analysis and Design
    Description: Students learn how information technology is used to deal with business requirements and/or solve business problems. Provides an understanding of structured computer systems analysis and design methodologies and techniques and their application to business information systems. Intended for information systems management and business management economics majors. Prerequisite(s): course TIM 50.
  • TIM 105: Management of Technology I
    Description: An in-depth examination of technological, strategic, marketing, and financial methods and analytical tools for the management of technology to enable cost-effective and rapid development of profitable and high quality technologies. Includes case studies and a comprehensive project. Students who receive credit for this course cannot also receive credit for course 80A; students who receive credit for course 205 cannot also receive credit for this course. Prerequisite(s): Mathematics 19B or 11B or Applied Mathematics and Statistics 11B or Economics 11B
  • TIM 125: Management of Technology II
    Description: High-technology enterprises must understand and operate effectively within their technology-business value chains in order to maximize profitability. This course develops and applies methods and tools for the design, optimization, selection, and management of these value chain networks. Students who receive credit for this course cannot also receive credit for course 80B; students who receive credit for course 225 cannot also receive credit for this course. Prerequisite(s): course TIM 105.


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