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Faculty Sponsors

Applicants may choose any professor within the UC Santa Cruz School of Engineering as their faculty sponsor.  Faculty sponsors must be informed that NMO Lab internships are included in the independent study program. 

Due to the nature of the independent study program, the faculty sponsor can monitor an applicant’s progress, and/or sponsor an applicant’s research.  Faculty sponsors also have the ability to implement their own requirements for an applicant to meet in order to participate in the independent study program.

For any questions concerning a faculty sponsor, please contact the manager, Angel Dominguez, at .


NMO Lab Principal Investigator

  • Patrick Mantey
    Professor Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Recall Research Professor (Director Senior Design Capstone)

    Engineering 2, Room 573
    by appointment


Research Areas:  Multimedia systems, digital signal processing, sensor systems and networks, real-time monitoring and control, image systems, image processing, visualization, geographic information systems, decision support systems.

NMO Lab Director

  • Brad Smith
    Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

    Engineering 2, Room 595K

Research Areas:  Computer communications, distributed systems, policy-based routing, routing protocols, and security and trust in distributed systems.

Faculty Sponsors

  • Ram Akella
    Professor, Technology Management

    831-459-1728 (Call Cell 650-279-3078 instead)
    Engineering 2, Room 563 and Silicon Valley

Research Areas:  Information technology and systems, management of technology, new product introduction and development, enterprise and knowledge management, supply chain management and e-business,and financial engineering.




  • James Davis
    Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

    Engineering 2, Room 363
    (None during finals week or summer). Email times you are available for a call.

Research Areas:  ICTD, technology for global social issues, human computation, computational photography, computer vision, computer graphics

  • Subhas Desa
    Teaching Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

    Engineering 2, Room 561

Research Areas:  Product development, supply chain management, management of technology, system dynamics and control.


  • J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves
    Distinguished Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
    Jack Baskin Endowed Professor of Computer Engineering
    CITRIS Campus Director

    831-459-4153 (Office)
    Engineering 2, Room 317
    By appointment.

Research Areas:  Computer communication, wireless networks, Internet, network science

  • Sri Kurniawan
    Professor and Department Chair, Computational Media

    Engineering 2, Room 371
    Thursdays 10-11 AM or by email appointment

Research Areas:  Human-computer interaction, human factors and ergonomics, accessibility, assistive technology, usability, empirical studies, human-centered design

  • John Musacchio
    Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

    Engineering 2, Room 557

Research Areas:  Control, analysis, and pricing of communications networks; applications of game theory in networking; wireless ad-hoc networks; and management of technology

  • Tracy Larrabee
    Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
    Associate Dean of Engineering for Undergraduate Affairs

    Baskin Engineering, Room 237
    By arrangement via email

Research Areas:  Test pattern simulation and generation, fault modeling, fault diagnosis, design verification, technical writing, logic simulation.

  • Ethan L. Miller
    Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
    Veritas Presidential Chair in Storage
    Director, NSF I/UCRC Center for Research in Storage Systems

    831-459-1222 (office)
    831-345-4864 (cell)
    Engineering 2, Room 337A
    Monday 2-4PM

Research Areas:  Archival storage systems, non-hierarchical file systems and metadata management, non-volatile memory and next-generation storage, scalable file systems, reliable and secure storage, distributed systems, information retrieval, computer security.

  • Katia Obraczka
    Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

    Engineering 2, Room 323

Research Areas:  Computer networks, distributed systems, operating systems, Internet information systems, mobile computing, wireless networks.

Research Areas:  Databases, Online Database Tuning, Crowdsourcing, Scientific Data Management.

  • Abel Rodríguez
    Professor, Statistics

    Baskin Engineering, Room 351
    By appointment

Research Areas:  Bayesian nonparametrics, Bayesian time series and spatial models, public health, financial econometrics, structural proteomics.

  • Marilyn Walker
    Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

    831-459-1058 (email is better to reach me)
    Engineering 2, Room 267
    Thursday 3:30-4:30 PM.

Research Areas:  Dialogue Systems, Natural Language Processing, Computer games, Human-Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

  • Yi Zhang
    Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

    831-459-4549 (Office)
    Engineering 2, Room 565
    By appointment

Research Areas:  Large scale information retrieval, recommendation systems, internet advertising, data mining, natural language processing, and applied machine learning.

  • Anujan Varma
    Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

    Engineering 2, Room 221

Research Areas:  Computer networking, computer architecture, optical networks











































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