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Administrative Assistant

  • Angel Dominguez
    Administrative Assistant
    Project Coordinator
    CITRIS operations point of contact

    831-459-3696 (Office)
    Engineering 2, Room 595G
    8:30 AM - 5PM

The administrative assistant is the primary contact for the NMO Lab.  Please use this contact for any supplies, concerns, or issues occurring within the lab.

The NMO Lab Administrative Assistant handles the initial paperwork for any applicant.  Once an applicant's materials are received, they will be sent to the director.

Please contact the Administrative Assistant for any HR-related issues that arise for NMO Lab interns. 


  • Brad Smith
    Associate Adjunct Professor, Computer Engineering

    Engineering 2, Room 595K

The director deals personally with Cisco representatives and issues meetings, presentations, and other events accordingly.

If the director also approves your application materials, they will be forwarded to Cisco where the final decision will be made.

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