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What is the Network Management and Operations (NMO) Lab?

The NMO Lab, in collaboration with Cisco Systems, Inc., specializes in the general areas of network management and operations, and the management of technology in a high-tech environment.

Projects are proposed by Cisco engineers and managers and are assigned to correspond with the skills and interests of the NMO Lab interns and faculty. Participants work with their Cisco sponsors on challenging projects in the areas of technology, product development, and project management. Complex networked systems problems (e.g. performance, reliability, security, quality of service, etc.) are replicated on the equipment for the interns to examine and solve.

The NMO Lab also serves as a place for our interns to gain insight and expertise through the evaluation of new technologies and business processes. Experience with real-world problems in these complex networked environments aids in the definition of new research projects and serves as important education for our students. Our expectation is that the identification of problems requiring further research will lead to additional funding for the NMO Lab and its projects.

The NMO Lab is housed in space provided by CITRIS in the Engineering 2 Building. PI’s for the NMO Lab are Professors Patrick Mantey and Brad Smith.  All of the NMO Lab's faculty sponsors are affiliated with the Jack Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California Santa Cruz. Administrative support for the NMO Lab’s development and operations is provided by the CITRIS staff.

"We really hope to tap into the energy and creativity of the students.  Sometimes we get caught up in a certain lens, but these students have proven to have no boundaries, which is a beautiful thing." - Joe Pinto, Senior Vice President of Technical Services at Cisco

"We get real problems from customers or even from Cisco for students to work on." - Ved Sharma, Director of Technical Services at Cisco

"Some of the students have told me it was a life-changing experience to have that real-world connection to what they're learning." - Brad Smith, Director of the NMO Lab

"The most beneficial aspect of this Cisco internship will have to be the skills I learned. This includes working for a big company, working in an agile team ... generating professional reports, business analysis, databases, and much more. My resume looks two times better than my pre-NMO resume." - Ray Liang, NMO Lab Intern

"It is a great experience to attend [the] NMO lab.  On one hand, practical work allowed me to realize that I still [have] fundamental knowledge to learn. On the other hand, practical work helped me to apply theoretical knowledge in [my] real work...  " - Nannan He, Graduate Student, NMO Lab Intern


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